Real Food Veggie/Fruit Bundle



Product Description

Filled with Local & Non-local  Organic Veggies and Fruits. May include –

Veggies: Kale, Carrots, Broccoli/Broccolini, Collards, Lettuce, Turnips, Rutabagas, Scallions, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Beets, Arugula, Brussel Sprouts, Hard Winter Squash, Zucchini, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Garlic, Celery, Leeks, Mushrooms, Shallots, Onions, Peppers, Radish, Spinach, Asparagus, Tomatoes, Baby Greens, Eggplant, Corn, Herbs and more!

Fruits: Apples, Pears, Peaches, Nectarines, Grapefruit, Oranges, Tangerines/Tangelos, Mandarines, Bananas, Kiwi, Lemons, Limes, Mangoes, Cranberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Strawberries, Watermelon, Canteloupe, Grapes, and more!

Subject to change based on availability from the local farms we work with 🙂

Additional Information


$20 box, $30 box, $55 box