“Big Hunter” Local Meat Share


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Product Description

This box is for those that desire local pastured meats and that basically eat meat daily OR have a large family to feed!

Delivers a variety of meats including beef, pork, chicken & seafood, and will include things like roasts, hams, or briskets that our smaller meat boxes usually don’t include. Plus 2 doz eggs, $60 per pickup each week!

Local Meat Share – provided by Nature’s Touch (La Grange), Nooherooka Natural (Snow Hill), Shore to Door (Greenville), and various other NC Pasture-Raised Farms

~Spring/Summer CSA dates:
April 28 – June 3 (6 week share)
April 28 – July 15 (12-week share)
~Pick-up Location: 805 Evans St (Historic Jones-Lee House)
~Limited Delivery Available
~Add @ checkout: Pick-up day (Fri or Sat); customize produce
~Weekly email reminders
~Weekly recipes
~CLICK HERE for a list of meats you’ll see in your box!


1- “ADD EXTRAS” area,  best-selling and seasonal items

2- CUSTOMIZE your box by typing in the NOTES section at checkout any produce that you would like to leave out. (i.e. no pork)

*PLEASE NOTE* As stated on the main CSA page, we do NOT guarantee that you will see ALL items listed during the 6 week period, only that these are the items planted by our farms, and a small percentage do not make it to harvest.


Please note that if you miss your pick-up without contacting us, produce cannot be saved and there will NOT be refunds given for missed pick-ups. However, if you miss a box that has frozen meats, we do not mind at all holding your meats since they will obviously keep.

If you need to let us know you can’t pick up, please contact us BY TUES 5 pm:
Email (orders@springrunmarket.com) or text (252-347-4541)