Nooherooka Natural

Why Nooherooka Natural?

  • All natural
  • No added hormones or antibiotics
  • Meat is tested for Mad Cow Disease and E.Coli
  • Grass (Pasture raised) from birth to slaughter
  • Products are processed in inspected packing plants of customer choice
  • All beef products are dry-aged 21 days
  • Customized ordering
  • Vacuum sealed for lasting quality

Nooherooka Natural is committed to offering consumers premium all natural beef and pork products. We take every step to produce beef and pork that is both tender and bursting with flavor. We are family-owned and operated.


Natural beef is beef that is produced with no growth hormones (steroids), antibiotics, or feed additives. Most beef in the United States receives all of these. Nooherooka Natural will never use any of these products in any form.


The animals of Nooherooka Natural are under a feeding program designed to maximize nutritious growth without hormones, antibiotics, or feed additives. All of the feeds offered to our animals are grown right here on our own farm. After weaning, the cows are pasture and grain fed for anywhere between 60-120 days. The cows are hand fed daily. All of our animals are treated humanely and with respect.


Nooherooka Natural products are processed in inspected packing plants of customer choice. All of our beef is dry aged for 21 days. This is a process seldom used today. This allows us to obtain the maximum in tenderness and flavor. All beef is cut and packaged to the consumer’s specifications. The beef is flash frozen and vacuum packed to preserve freshness and seal out freezer burn. We process our cattle at Matkins Meats in Matkins, North Carolina, and our pork at the Weeping Radish Farm Brewery and Farmer to Fork Butchery Market in Grandy, North Carolina.