Nature’s Touch Farm

Owned and farmed by Chelsea and Daniel Sutton in La Grange, NC, Nature’s Touch Farm is dedicated to raising animals responsibly, humanely, and in a manner which promotes the health of our community. Their chickens and turkeys are raised on pasture and are supplemented with Certified Organic Feed only.
There is no chicken or beef by-product in their diet. All of their poultry is
processed by hand, on their farm, in accordance with biblical standards.
Pork is raised in their natural habitat, with wooded areas that allow the proper foraging and that lets a pig express their “pigness”! Supplemented with Certified Organic Feed only,as well as raw skim milk from a neighboring farm.
Beef is raised strictly on grass/hay and the cows are, of course, on pasture from birth to processing. It is the healthiest beef you can buy!
If anyone is interested, you may call or email for order info or to tour their farm!

For more info, check out their Facebook page :
Nature’s Touch Facebook