Dairy & Cheese

We’d love to sell raw grassfed organic milk at our storefront…but alas the laws prohibit our doing so 🙁
The next best thing is the LOWEST pasteurization processes that we could find, which does the least damage to the nutrients, with cows that are grassfed. With milks and butters, our own Simply Natural Creamery in Ayden does just that!

Carolina Farmhouse Yogurt out of Durham makes the absolute best yogurts from well-loved pastured cows! Taste the difference!

Goat Lady Goat Cheese is a creamy, fresh and local product, not with the typical “strong” taste –
it’s mild and delicious!

Our other raw organic cheeses from Farmstead Fresh are located in our Buying Club for pre-order, as they are not a local product, but from Winfield PA.

Ordering Deadline: Tues, 5pm every week

Pick up days: Choose Thur (12-6), Fri (12-6), or Sat (9-3)

If you want the added benefit of the milk to be labeled organic, go to our Buying Club online store to purchase Natural by Nature and Organic Valley products 🙂