Harris Farm

11am-6pm ~~~ Tuesday-Friday
11am-5pm ~~~ Saturday
@ 3701 Charles Blvd, Suite 104, next to ASAP Photo & Camera

Harris Farm is located near Tarboro, NC, and is owned and operated by Donald Harris. Donald raises his chickens completely ASH free, with plenty of sunshine and natural foraging for their food!

Donald Harris of Harris Farm keeps his chickens in a gigantic yard, with houses where they come and go as they please, so they are considered free-range to get plenty of sunshine and exercise for their good health…and ours!

Feed consists of ASH-free “Laying Mash”, “Old Pioneer” Corn (non GMO), other organic garden scraps, and “Rate Salad”, an organically grown grass-like green that is planted just for the girls! And, because of their free-range habitation, they are always eating bugs, worms, and grass (their natural diet) all year long :)

Donald washes his eggs with clear water, and buffs off any other debris that may remain, never using any chemical or even soap solution to clean his eggs.

Come experience the fresh natural difference!