About our Real Food Shares & Bundles


Where’s it from?

The local produce in our Shares is organically grown from Brothers Farm (La Grange), Coastal Plains (Ayden),  Cultivate Greenville (Community Garden provider). There are a few short-season seasonal items, like organic  Strawberries that come from Volmer Farm in Bunn, NC, and organic figs that come from Brothers (La Grange) and Gates-Dale Farm in Farmville. (Scroll to see the Spring/Summer list!)

All meats and eggs are locally pasture-raised from birth to processing from Nooherooka Natural (Snow Hill) and Harris Farm (Tarboro). Nooherooka pasture-raise their beef, pork, and chicken, so their animals stay in their natural environment, eating their natural diet, and both farms do not use any antibiotics or hormones.  (Scroll to see a list!)

What’s The Difference in your Shares?

We offer 3 sizes of Local Shares, “Mini Twenty”, “Farmer & His Wife”, and “Farmer’s Bounty”. These
contain all locally and organically grown produce, for those who want to go all out on Local Eating!

Our “Real Food” Shares contain a mix of organic local from our local farms AND non-local produce, obtained from organic distributors such as Greenville Produce and Azure Standard. These are offered as an all veggie box or a mix of fruits and veggie box. (Not offered spring/summer 2018)

“Add-ons” can be ordered alongside your share box; these can be ordered in quantities of 12 or 24, whether you want 1 or 2 added to your box each week.  Closer to the holidays, we will give our Shareholders an opportunity to order Organic Citrus, plus other Seasonal Items like Hams 🙂

Where is pick-up for Spring/Summer 2018 Season?

1- WINTERVILLE, at our house in Clevewood, Wed 5pm thru Thur 8pm (garage will be open and your box will be in cooler)

2- DOWNTOWN, Starlight Restaurant on 5th St, Wed between 5pm and 530pm ONLY  🙂


To read more about what a Share or “CSA” is, click HERE

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Gather 5 or more boxes to one delivery point, and you've started your own Buying Club! NO DELIVERY FEE, no matter how many, and additional discounts are available to Buying Clubs - so contact us for more details, and how we can help you form Buying Clubs, plus hold Neighborhood Block Parties, or to host a Buy Local party at your home!

And that’s a wrap 🙂
So, that about covers it…let’s get moving supporting our farms and the health of our bodies with DELICIOUS LOCAL ORGANICALLY GROWN & PASTURE-RAISED foods!!! 🙂

ORGANIC PRODUCE you'll see in your 2018 SPRING/SUMMER Share:

LOCAL:  Tomatoes (Cherry/German Johnson, and more), Broccoli, Broccolini, Bok Choy, Cabbage (Sharp Head, Nappa, Chinese), Eggplant, Cucumber, Carrots, Heirloom Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Watermelon, Canteloupe, Komatsuna, Mustard (variety), Lettuces (Butterhead, Romaine, Summer Crisp, Lola Rosa, Greenleaf, Redleaf), Kale (Curly, "Dino", Red Russian), Collards, Sweet Potatoes, Scallions, Spring Onions, Candy Red & White Onions, White Bermuda, Arugula, Spinach, New Potatoes, Peppers (hot and sweet), Yukon Gold Potatoes, Garlic, Snow peas, Garden Peas, Sugar Snap Peas, Squash (Yellow), Muscadine Grapes, Herbs (Mint, Rosemary, Parsley, Cilantro, Basil, Lemon Basil), and more!


CUTS OF LOCAL MEATS you'll see in your 2018 Meat Share:

 Ground Beef
 Stew Beef
 Ribs, including Short and Beef Back
 Pre-cooked meats, including "Nookdogs" (all beef), Sliced Meats (pastrami, corned and roast beef)
 Soup Bones
 Steaks, including Flat Irons, Cube, Chuckeye, Sirloin, London Broil
 Roasts, including Chuck, Shoulder, Rump, Bottom Round, Eye of the Round

 Whole Chicken

 Sausages, including:
 Ground (bulk), Mild & Hot (bulk, link) Sweet & Hot Italian (link); Sauerbraten; Chorizo
 Pork Chops
 Boston Butt
 St. Louis Ribs
 "Nookwurst" (pork & beef)
 Andouille (pork & beef)
 Pre-cooked meats, including "Nookdogs" (beef & pork), Sliced Meats (Ham, Pastrami, Corned Beef) )


~We do not guarantee that ALL produce items listed will be in your box
during your subscription period. The local list is what our farms have planted for the season, and a small number will not reach harvest, due to weather conditions or pests. Keep in mind that our Shares are designed to distribute what local farms bring to harvest, and part of the reason for the Share is that you, the subscriber, are helping them to sell that produce in an efficient manner with little to no waste, bringing the best rewards to organic small local farms for their hard work and dedication to growing organic local food!

~We do not give refunds for Shares – We pay our farms ahead and, in part, their crops are planned around these pre-ordered Shares. So, we consider Shares a commitment to your local farm, that says: we support your efforts and appreciate the extra work of growing organic and the amazing nutrient packed foods that burst with flavor unlike any we’ve ever tasted! We are always happy, however, to replace any produce that you are not happy with, so just let us know!

To read more about what a Share or “CSA” is, click HERE

~There are many misconceptions about what local organic produce should be like, and, though we encourage feedback to make improvements, please keep in mind that local organic produce simply does not typically look as”pretty”, nor is it as squeaky clean, as grocery store produce. With that in mind, we do strive to make our buyers happy, and and so instead work with you in replacing any produce that you are not happy with, as with any fresh product, there will be times that it may not be up to par.

~If you know you will miss weeks (out of town, etc) when signing up, we’d be happy to pro-rate your Share  at the start of your subscription. If you have an unexpected absence after you’ve started and will not be able to pick up a box one week, we ask that you have a friend pick it up…what better way to introduce them to the amazing taste of our local farms!